Kickstand Projector for bēm wireless

Smoke Alarm for Kidde Safety

NLP 2000 for Nanoink

Digital Thermostat for Braeburn Systems

M60 Swing Away Seating for Sedia Systems

Product Design and Development  /  Form + Function Elevated

At Morrow Design we believe that purposeful and compelling design is paramount to the success of any product. And, with over 30 years of experience designing and developing award winning medical, consumer and contract furniture products, we understand that exceptional user experiences don’t just happen, they are designed that way.

We are passionate about our craft and work with companies, across a wide range of industries and sizes, to develop new concepts, envision future possibilities and design products that deliver meaningful user experiences and tangible results.

A Human Centered Approach

Our process, built on a collaborative partnership with our clients, focuses on innovative solutions that support strategic objectives and exceed customer expectations. We approach the practice of design from a human centered perspective that addresses the intersection of people, technology and the environment.

Every idea entertained, every action taken and every decision made, is made with a conscious effort for a positive effect on the quality of life, a respect for the environment and a generous return on investment.

To learn more on how Morrow Design can help elevate your product or idea contact us today for a consultation.